Got Fur - Get a FURminator!

“I love it when mum combs me with our FURminator, it makes me feel so good I purr up a storm. Now I’m a big girl and I gotta lot of pretty fur, but I shed big time all year long, let’s call it my hormones!

You have to understand I only allowed myself to be photographed midway through combing in the interests of your pets. I mean look at me, I’m a big old mess in this picture and my hair’s everywhere!

But look how much of my dead fur that sucker got out – who knew?!

It has a kinda scary name, at first I was worried Arnie was going to appear armed with a machine gun, but the FURminator is my bestfriend. Cal-Jo 'thinks' she’s my bff and I let her believe that, it keeps the peace around here!

Now this is the ‘real’ me, all prettied up and with fur as smooth as silk. From what I understand from Mum my ‘real’ bff can be found at somewhere called Petsmart, she says it’s worth every single penny, just like me. I am pretty certain that’s where I had to have come from too – ‘Petsmart’ that’d be me for sure!”

Sukie :-)

*Remember roll down and enter a Caption Competition for a prize!*


Teresa said...

I have photos from a grooming session Baxter, and I had a month or so ago. I promised a friend to get those up and I have been meaning to get those posted. They may have to wait until I get moved now. (7 days!) WOW! I can hardly believe the fur that came off.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I read somewhere that dog/cat hairs attract birds especially during breeding season when they're building their nests. If you try to leave those hairs in the bushes, small birds like robins, sparrows, tits, etc will attack them, I was told animal hairs are good material for building birds nest. (and don't forget to grab your camera after) c",) Rodolfo

Rhea said...

Oh my gosh, my mother just bought one of those furminator things, and she takes off amazing amounts of hair off her dog and cat (they shed horribly). It's really a very useful and effective invention!

Karla said...

We have one of those for our pugs and while they do a good job, it's a bit challenging to use on pug fur. But when it does, you just keep on getting more and more fur out. I'm glad I bought one.