Handbag of the day....Carrie!

This bag is named after ‘Carrie’ from my all time favorite TV show Sex and the City. I call her Carrie because she’s bright and pretty, with the heart giving her a very feminine touch, but she’s also eye-catching and makes a statement – much like Carrie in the show.

She is also a big spacious handbag, just the kind Carrie often favours for everyday use and she is my ‘go to’ summer big bag because of all her space.

Carrie was made by designer Suzy Smith of a fine high quality straw, with a cotton lining and leather edging and straps. Inside she has the cutest matching coin purse which is attached to the handbag for security with another internal strap, but can be removed easily.

My mum bought me this bag from a department store in the UK called Trewins, for my birthday a few years ago. We saw it together and both loved it, so she offered to buy it for me and I gladly accepted.

Carrie is most definitely a seasonal bag and I only bring her out to play when summer arrives.


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Oh...Miz Carrie is just divine!!

I love these purse-anility posts! ♥

Lynne said...

I love this one! And I want one. Do you think your mum would buy me one too??