"Happy St George's Day"

April 23rd is St George’s Day in England, the day we celebrate our national Patron Saint. This is the Saint George from the legend of George and the Dragon and his pennant was adopted by the English as our national flag. He was a Christian Martyr and a soldier of the Roman Empire, who by birth was from Anatolia or what is now modern day Turkey.

Sadly there isn’t any kind of Public Holiday to recognize our national day and much like here, St Patrick’s Day is more celebrated than our own day! But now there is a major campaign afoot back home to change this and get St George the same kind of acclaim and celebrations seen for St Patrick.

About time I say; as at the moment the only time you see this flag flown everywhere, is for the big sporting events that cause national fervour and passion across the country. Although the city of Salisbury in England has an annual St George’s Day Pageant, which originates from the thirteenth century.

So today I am flying my white and red flag of St George’s Cross on our flagpole, the origin of which came from the plain white tunics worn by the early crusaders.

I really don’t think that many people around here realize what it is, as the Union Jack is more associated with the UK. But I don’t care, I’m English and this is our flag and I am proud to fly it and remember my home country today.

In celebration I will drink my bottle of Lucozade (as the alcohol is still banned due to med’s) and later I will eat something English from my stash of goodies!


Rhea said...

I have never heard of St. George Day, and I enjoyed the lesson!

Love the Carrie handbag, perfect name!

I'm feeling peckish, so I'm off to eat now. :o)

pamokc said...

Happy St. George's Day to you too! We fly the flag sometimes in honor of the day. We have both the Union Jack and the English flag, but you are right, no one ever recognizes it for what it is. I have noticed for sometime now a groundswell of English patriotism which I hope continues to grow.

Love the bag and word of the day. Peckish is another one of those where we don't have a great equivalent translation. Need-to-nibble is a great way to put it!

Vintage Tea said...

Happy St Georges Day!

My local town is having a big celebration today to try and encourage people to celebrate and remember!

Victoria x

BritGal' Sarah said...

I am pleased to hear they are encouraging renewed patriotism Victoria

Expatmum said...

I can't believe I forgot this as I had to research and write a 500 word piece for it not long ago.
Anyway, Happy St. G Day to you too!

Mmm said...

Absolutely with you on this one! it's about time we English stop being embarrassed by it all. Stand up, be proud, wave that flag! On my blog you will see a pretty good diagram on the side of what constitutes the Union Jack, quite fun to share with others here.