Handbag of the day....Paris!

Slightly tongue in cheek; I call this handbag Paris because she gets to go out with just about anything! ;-)

Every girl needs a Paris in her closet, as her wide range of colours makes her very easy to coordinate and use as an everyday casual bag.

Paris is made from soft brown leather, with a tweed fabric outer in a myriad of pastel shades. Internally she has a central zipped pocket, a side zipped pocket and externally the phone slot, a small zipped pocket to the front and a full length zipped pocket to the rear. So Paris offers a lot of storage space and it’s easy to organise all the essentials us girls have to carry daily.

She is one of 3 bags I got in Rome about 6 years ago and is by the Italian company Rosetti, I got her in a sale in a small boutique.

So a bag named Paris from Rome, who’s been around a bit, you can’t get much more Euro chic than that!


willow said...

Paris...tee hee...that was cute! Actually Paris is a very nice bag. Enjoy your evening! ~~Willow

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I love Paris!

Brandon and Julie said...

There are no words to describe my obsession with bags...love it!

Teresa said...

Paris, is my kind of handbag. She would go with everything. Well, maybe not a black evening gown, but everything else I would be wearing. I must go shopping with you!