Handbag of the day....Pocahontas!

Ladies let me introduce you to Pocahontas, so named for obvious reasons that require no explanation I believe!

Pocahontas and I have been in a close relationship for about 8 years and she is one of my most admired and commented on handbags. Wherever we go together I can guarantee we won’t make it home without someone coveting her, she’s just so unique.

Her body is made of suede, with a long leather strap which means she hangs around hip length (I am 5’7). The strap length is adjustable and there is an ornate large buckle that just adds even more to her charm. What makes her so unique though are the suede work, pretty feathers, fringe and the metal charms that jingle when I walk, pre-announcing our arrival. I also love the contrasting wide white strap, with the ethnic pattern intermittently along it’s length.

I can’t remember which store I got her in, but I do remember it was a High Street retailer in the UK and she was not expensive.

Pocahontas needs special care as any rough handling sometimes results in feather loss, so I tend to save her for days when I either want to make a statement, or I am lacking in self-confidence. She is a handbag that just makes you feel more confident, even on a ‘does my bum look big in this’ day!

Pocahontas is also Cal-Jo's favourite handbag and she tries to sneak the odd feather when she thinks her mum's not looking....do not be deceived by her 'that's beneath me' disdainful look :-)


nikinpos said...

Cal Jo looks like my cat Smokey who lived for 21 years!

david mcmahon said...

Thanks for the great comment on my macro shot of the spoonful of coffee.

Say G'day to Pocahontas for me. What happened to John Smith?

LikeAstaR said...

Hello. I love the "handbag of the day" idea. So fun. BTW_ on the HR rate monitors... the BEST way to find your ideal BPM is to have a BAP test done, but other than that youc an go on age calculation, or just feeling.

Daryl E said...

Cool bag, cool cat!


Rhea said...

I like Pocahontas a lot, she's very unique and has a lot of character! I'm really enjoying your handbag of the day series.

Your cat has quite a look, love it.

It is absolutely blinding that the blue jay showed up for you! I'm impressed.

Chellie said...

That cat is beautiful and I bet s/he does LOVE that bag!

Chellie said...

woohoo. I had to comment again. That you so much for getting rid of comment moderator. I despise that thing!!!!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Nikinpos - wow! I hope Cal-Jo can live to such a grand age too, she's a poppet really :-)

David - you're welcome that was a great shot you took. LOL at John Smith, that would be a very boring bag and I don't posses any of those!

Likeastar - I have to tell you in the UK a Bap is either a Boob or a Bun! LOL Thanks for the info..

Daryl - thanks and nice to have you here

Rhea - nice use of the word of the day...LOL!

Chellie - Cal-Jo is very much a she! Yep it was time to be shot of the moderator, much better

Elisabeth said...

Cute bag and the cat is adorable :)

Hilary said...

I like the cool handbag, but love the cat. Fun post. :)

Sent here from the fringe by David McMahon.

ExpatKat said...

Lovely handbag. Imagine it's quite tempting for the poor kitty!

willow said...

Hi Sarah! How are things out in Ooooklahoma? Great handbag post. I have personal connections with mine, but never actually named any! Have hated a few, too. :D

Thanks for the nice comment over at my place.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Handbag of the Day. I love it. You should check out this blog. I discovered it yesterday. "The Purse Project": http://iwannanewbag.blogspot.com/

Interesting stuff. jan

BritGal' Sarah said...

Elisabeth, Hilary & Willow - thanks for stopping by and your comments :-)

Kat - she is still a kitten at heart, so yes very tempting..lol

Jan - great link thanks :-)

pamokc said...

hey sarah! now that is one great bag. and kitty. and they are sort of color coordinated too!

Expatmum said...

If I can manage a handbag of the week I am lucky! I have quite a collection but always stick to the same one, mainly because I live in a stupid four floor house and by the time I remember my handbag (purse, BTW) doesn't match, I can't be bothered to hike up to my closet. I actually unearthed a nice handbag the other day that still had a dummy/pacifier in it and my little one is almost 5!!!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Hey Pam - actually I thought the same myself about the colouring of the bag and Cal-Jo earlier, maybe she thinks so too! LOL

Expatmum - LOL at the pacifier, a bit like the earrings I bought last August and found in a bag last week! Trust me, I don't change bags everyday either, maybe 4 times a week and more often from casual work to smart for social stuff.

Sandi McBride said...

I love Pocohontas...do you lend her out? But more seriously...I swear that is my PB&J (the cat) our sweet girl who disappeared about four months ago...give CalJo a hug for me, tell her it's from an admirer!
Oh, and David is the Catherder here, glad he sent me by

Teresa said...

Okay, so which is softer, Pocahontas or Cal-Jo? :-)