How true is this! LOL

One night not so long ago I totally forgot one of our mostly indoor kitties was still outside and went to bed. At about 2:30am I suddenly wondered where she was, then remembered her and found her stuck to the back screen door, much like this cartoon cat! Once she got indoors, her reaction was absolutely identical, as having been outdoors 7 hours she was a mite hungry!

Anyway...cat owners enjoy! And thanks to Dabrah whose blog I found this little gem on.


Katrina Chambers said...

I had to laugh at this one!!! Too Funny :)

Rhea said...

hahaha...oh, wow, I've got tears in my eyes (of laughter) imagining your cat stuck to the door. Poor little kitty...traumatized for sure. hehe

Kim said...

This is hilarious! We had a similar experience with finding our cat hanging onto the screen door when we opened the regular door. Think she was trying to get our attention?

I came over via a link at Honeycomb Cottage, btw. Nice to meet you!

Honest to Ya~Ya said...


pamokc said...

oh this is hysterical. have you seen the one he does where the guy is in bed asleep the cat is trying to wake him up??? oh and i saw one this weekend (not a cartoon) about an engineer's cats, will have to find it and send you a link.

pamokc said...

This is the wake-up-and-feed-me video

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

And I finally figured out that you have your own website now instead of just the blog! you go girl!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Pam - well I am still on blogger.com but I have purchased the website url britgalusa.com. So kinda moved into the big leagues!