You know Summers here...

when you can sit outside on your patio, and work on your laptop in short sleeves until 10:45pm at night and it's still 70 degrees!

I am not generally crazy about the raging summer heat in the day here, especially since my Graves Disease has made me less tolerant to it. But I do love the long evenings and being able to make the most of the patio until bedtime :-)

Predicted high of 88 degrees here tomorrow - PHEW!


Rhea said...

I need a laptop so I can enjoy my favorite pastime outside on the patio. I love being outside (when it's not bone melting hot).

I'm sorry to hear you have Grave's Disease. I'll have to go look that up on WebMD, because I can't remember exactly what it is.

Rhea said...

Aha, WebMD has informed me that Grave's Disease is a thyroid problem. Now I know!

Does it cause you many problems?

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Whew! Is right. Over 84 degrees today here. I want to garden, but I have a horrible headache.~~Dee