Paula Abdul just lost it on live TV!

OMG we are still laughing!

Tonight the 5 remaining contestants on AI are singing 2 songs each, after the first songs, the judges quickly reviewed them so far.

Only Paula 'Prozac' Abdul also reviewed Jason's second song, which he has not sung yet!!!! There was laughter in the audience, stupefication from Ryan and Randy, and Simon did the decent thing and kind of tried to save her. Oh boy was she embarrassed and we were hysterical...LMAO!

I just knew being "live' would catch her out one day and this was it, who knows what's in that Coke she's drinking, but I want some!

***Roll down for a Competition with a Prize! Woohoo***


Sherri said...

Sarah, I couldn't believe Paula did that!!!! She really is messed up. I also so on the news blurb that Ryan Seacrest maybe leaving Idol. What is going on with that show!! Oh well we got a good belly laugh tonight didn't we!!!


Rhea said...

Oh, that's funny!! I don't really watch AI, so thanks for sharing. Paula Abdul is a strange one, that's for sure.

Brandon and Julie said...

Aw, thanks for the warm wishes. As of right now I am officially done....for 2 weeks :( At least now I can resume my blog reading/writing addiction. I am loving the pictures, especially the new one of you and the hubby!

pamokc said...

omg, paula! go to rehab already! simon should get extra pay for having to babysit paula every week. oooh, i hope your reader sherri is right and that ryan is leaving the show. that would be FINE by me. a bit too big for his britches. doubtful because he loves himself too much and AI is his biggest platform. but don't bring back Dunkelman!

and oooooooh! on your hubbie singing Holly Holy to you tonight. ahem ahem cough cough.

pamokc said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA - Song Sung Blue by Jason and his ukelele. absolutely brilliant idea. you are totally right about that one. And maybe Paula could sing "Red Red Wine" or "Cracklin' Rosie" ... because she is either drunk or on crack! hahahahha. We might could be up for the concert if you guys are! we operate on the theory of seeing certain artists because they might be dead in the next year and it has worked fairly well so far. There was talk about Neil tonight at a girl's after-work do and I had forgotten about him being on AI this week. So was pleasantly surprised. Another lady at the table was at the concert in 1976.

Jessica_in_Rome said...

OMG I just saw the video. She is certifiable!