AI reality check time......

C’mon American Idol fans, well all those that aren’t under 16 and female, Jason Castro or ‘dreddy boy’ needs to go next week. I like him but he is no superstar and he doesn’t even have a particularly strong or great voice, and that hair is a total turnoff!

It’s time to let him and his Ukulele head off into the sunset, before AI becomes farcical and a mere popularity contest. Good luck to big softy Brooke, you go girl but now was also time for you to head home.

My money is firmly on David C, he’s just in another league.

Oh and absolutely loved the re-appearance of Simon Cowell's first love, highly entertaining and he was almost embarressed!

*Last day to enter Caption Competition & win – roll down*

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pamokc said...

i totally agree sarah! and i LOVED LOVED the bit about Simon's first girlfriend calling in. Would love to hear more of that story and he seemed genuinely intrigued to hear from her, even if a bit embarassed -- he wanted to keep the conversation going. This could be interesting indeed. Watch the tabloids because I bet they go find her!