Handbag of the day....J-Lo!

Meet J-Lo a cherished birthday gift from my Aunt Nicki and family a few years ago and named because she ‘glows’ like J-Lo and I could imagine her carrying this ladylike dainty bag. She is an extremely pretty and glamourous handbag for all social occasions. Her small size doesn’t make her practical for everyday use, but something that looks this good needs to be saved for special events.

One of my favourite features of J-Lo is her contrasting tortoise-shell handles against the mother of pearl and seed pearl embellishment. Inside she is white satin with one zipped interior pocket and she fastens with a magnetic closure. I happen to love geometric patterns; I was the kid in class always doodling geometric shapes across all my books! So her pattern is very appealing to this side of me, I also play around with mosaic tiling at times for the same reason.

Her mother of pearl is very eye-catching and her ever changing natural tones also work very well with just about any outfit. J-Lo is a classy little handbag and a keeper I will be using for many years.

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Teresa said...

As soon as I saw this photo I thought, "That bag needs Mother-of- Pearl" or Opals to accent. Reading further, I see that is exactly what she need to do her right. It would seem that you have a good family.

Vickie said...

She's shiny.....I like shiny! I'm like a myna bird, easily sidetracked by sparklies.