Always on time!

One of the things that has been hard to get used to here, is that everybody (with the odd rare exception) turns up for events on time, in fact they are usually a few minutes early! For a Brit' girl this has taken some getting used to and a change in approach as well.

We enjoy socialising, so have often had friends around and also held a big joint party. The first few times I was nearly always still getting ready as our guests showed up early or on time. It was most disconcerting, in the UK if you tell people 7pm then they all know you will be expecting them no earlier than 7pm and probably closer to 7:15pm or even later! In fact if it's a party most people will probably roll up about 30 minutes late at least, because nobody wants to be the first to arrive!

We once had guests show up at our house 45 mins early for a get-together and they had no choice but to sit on the sofa whilst we finished our dinner! However, I think they were as uncomfortable as we were and I doubt it will ever happen again. I mean I'm sorry but it's not like you have to leave time for traffic jams around here!

In the Hubster's opinion, as a result I have a very slack attitude towards being on time and this has been known to cause a touch of tension in our household. But I do see his point, if you show up at an event that involves eating around here, probably half the food has already been consumed by the appointed start time!

So these days I am ready on time (most of the time) and I know to possibly even expect early arrivals. But it's been quite a turnaround for this Brit' gal, when back home it would almost be considered rude to show up early or dead on time!


Brad said...

Uh oh! I'm one of those people that ALWAYS shows up early. Ever since my high school years, one of my life mottos was "Better never than late."

So, if you don't want me to be at your place BEFORE 7, then tell me 7:15 or 7:30, and then I'll be right on time in your eyes and mine!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh tell the hubster get a grip...you are obviously the type of person who needs to make an entrance...surprise surprise, me too...except for appointments other than social, and then I'm a bit anal about getting there five minutes early, lol...
Sandi (Anglophile Extraordinaire)

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

I am always 5 minute late. I never want to be the first there to an event but I am never "fashionably late" ie 30 min or so.

As it turns out - if I am going to be 30 min late, I just call out to cancel...no need to ruin a good time for others because of my negligence...So I try to be on time and just fiddle in the car for 5 and then go in...:)

MikeH said...

... and also held a big joint party.

FYI, joint parties are illegal in this country.

Expatmum said...

It's the exact opposite in our house. I am always on time and break into a sweat at the thought of being late. Here in Chicago, I can't name one friend off the top of my head who ever turns up anywhere near the time allotted. It seems so rude to me - almost saying "I'm more important than you, so even though you've invited me over, whatever I decided to do on the way there is top of my priority list".
Oh dear, I've wound myself up again!

Carrie said...

Hey.. sorry, have not left the planet just busy with work, kids and the universe..

Had to nod in agreement with this post. There's a saying in Scotland that if you are meeting people around 8:00 pm that you'll see them "the back of 8:00.." Which translates to see you somewhere between 8:00 and 8:30! So imagine my surprise when we invited folk around for an 8:00 pm dinner here in the US and there at 7:45 they arrived all smiles as I ran around the house with a towel round me, still wet from my shower!

I get it now and after this long even I get antsy when friends whom I'm meeting for coffee at 11:00 am, don't show until 11:10..

I'm converted!

Nice to catch up on your blog - off to read more!

Rhea said...

I don't show up early for events...but I do try to be on time...or within the first ten minutes. I don't like being late.

I can't believe someone showed up 45 minutes EARLY! That's unheard of! lol

Mmm said...

that's very funny. In my household I am the stickler for being on time or 5 mins early (but not earler than that!). My wife, on the other hand, says heres is a relaxed American West style of getting there but not stressing out getting there exactly on time so invariable she'll be late and sees nothing too wrong with that--unless a sit down dinner or something.

My thought is that I am a person of my word and if I say I'll be somewhere at 7:00 or whatever, then expect me to keep to it!

BTw, love the face plate!