Handbag of the day....Raquel!

So are any of you old enough to remember Raquel Welch in the animal skin furry bikini in 'One Million BC', a very old movie? Well that's what inspired this handbags name!

This was another excellent gift from my Mum for Christmas after I had moved here and guess where she got if from - yep got it in one, Accessorize!

Raquel is a fun, furry winter handbag and is a good size, lined in black with an internal zipper pocket and fastening with a magnetic button. She is super-soft as I'm sure you can tell and has the fun, furry hanging balls (there's just no easy way to say that!) and shiny black handles.

I am not generally an animal print person, in fact Raquel and a very similar furry hat are the full extent of animal print in my closet. But she looks great with my black winter coat or vest and a pair of furry winter boots.

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Rhea said...

Raquel does look like a fun girl to have around for a winter party. I love it! Furry and fun.