Off to the big lights for fingerprinting!

Today's the day we are off to our local (take that term with a very large pinch of salt!) USCIS office for my biometrics appointment. Yep we have to make a 6 hour round trip to OKC just to get my unchanged fingerprints and picture taken again after 20 months!

I have also arranged what's known as an Infopass appointment with an Immigration Officer to request that they give me what's known as an I-551 stamp in my passport. I need this because I (along with many others) have still not received the NOA1 letter which extends my current Green Card for a further year from July, whilst we renew it for the 10 year card.

So keep your fingers crossed we get an Immigration Officer in a good mood, as they don't have to give me this until a week or so before my card expires in July. But of course then we'd have to make yet another long trip to OKC, so we are hoping they know there is an ongoing problem and just give it to me now.

It's a flying visit to the 'big lights', as this weekend the Hubster has 2 music gigs tomorrow and so we need to get back home.


pamokc said...

AWWWW, sorry we won't catch up this weekend, but we're still looking forward to our westward venture in July :) Hope the immigration office visit goes well, am sure you will have plenty to blog about afterward!

Rhea said...

Music gigs? Tell me more about this! Hubby plays an insrument? In a band?

Hope it went well! I'm assuming it did since you came home with a car...