American Idol ends on a high

Great show, great result and for once I was just like Simon and really didn't care who won it! I am extremely chuffed for DC another Okie by choice, just like yours truly. I am so happy that his season long performance overcame not being the best last night.

Anyone know how old Donna Summer is because she doesn't seem to have aged at all and no 'Priscilla' signs of cosmetic work either!? Absolutely loved DC with ZZ Top and btw can someone tell George Michael he looks great, but he seriously needs to lose those 'Elvis' sunglasses! We've certainly both come a long way from Bushey in Hertfordshire ;-)

Way to go David Cook :-)


pamokc said...

GM looked great and aren't those big shades making a comeback in style these days? but...... he never lost his. Bushey homeboy indeed!

and don't you love LOVE LOVE that simon had to eat his words with a whole plate of crow? heheheheheh

Mykol said...

Donna Summer is 59. She'll be 60 this December 31st.

Janet said...

Sarah, did I hear somewhere that David Cook now lives in Tulsa -- MY hometown?


BritGal' Sarah said...

Janet - yup he was living and bartending in Tulsa!