The 'BIG' review (without spoilers)

Well let me first of all say I am a Sex and the City utter devotee/afficianado and we re-watched all six series this year ready for this movie and so the Hubster could see it for the first time. I have been waiting for this movie for years and I was worried it might be a disappointment.

It's fabulous! In fact that's all I thought I was going to write as I walked out of the theatre, because that's all I needed to say. But then I read your comments and knew you needed more! LOL

So as a #1 fan of the series let me assure you, if you loved it on TV this will not disappoint. The Hubster and I both agreed they did a great job on getting the same feel, and a good storyline. They moved it along quicker being a movie, but not too fast and unlike some of the reviewers, we did not feel it was overlong but just right. All the original actors have returned which makes it seamless from the TV show. Obviously having to squeeze so much into a movie, means some of the ancillary characters like Anthony, Stedman & Harry have small parts though.

Although the story mainly revolves around Carrie's life, it also brings you right back into the other girls lives too and the various issues they are dealing with. They are all older and allowed to be, which is wonderful; all a bit more hardened by life and less frivoulous....but then aren't we all as we hit our forties.

We thought Samantha despite being the oldest looked the best and to be honest she just about steals the movie with the funniest lines and scenes. Jennifer Hudson does great as the only addition to the cast and Big is just a softer even more lovable version of himself.

The old laugh out loud humour is a big part of the movie and at one point the audience in our theatre even applauded with the characters on screen! It's funny, realistic, heartbreaking, affirming, it made me cry twice (the Hubster only caught me once though) and it made us all rock with laughter alot.

I LOVED IT :-) and will be first in line to buy it when it comes out on DVD, I may also go and see it again when it reaches our local town - it was that good!

I asked the Hubster for his thoughts; he thoroughly enjoyed it too but he had one complaint and I quote him here "not enough titties from Samantha"!

Girls just go see it and escape for awhile :-)


Michelle said...

Sarah, Mich here! I checked in on you for the first time in a while (life getting in the way, sorry! But..I still think of you!) and YAY!!!! I am a HUGEEEE fan of this show. In fact, my "bookmark" for my current (large size) Nora Roberts' read is a page sized lamination of different pics of Carrie and Big together! LOL! I can't WAIT to see this movie and wish I had already!! I will also be buying the DVD no matter what. EVen if all the reviews had been bad, I already knew I was buying it. I want so badly to go with some girlfriends, but don't really know a lot who watch the show, and I want to see it like...YESTERDAY! (literally!hehehe) Thanks for letting me know it will NOT disappoint!!!! :) Hugs, Mich

BritGal' Sarah said...

Hey Mich, good to hear from you :-)

Just got your other message and let me tell you there were 3 women on their own in the theatre today, so I say just do it :-)

willow said...

Sounds fun and cute...thanks for the thumbs up! :)

pamokc said...

oooh fun, thanks for the review! makes me want a cosmopolitan just reading it! btw, did that job offer come in, i forgot to ask!

Michelle said...

Hey, one more thing, Sar...I just started my own blog tonight. I've been going to for AGES and finally got to it. I'm sure it won't be anything like yours (which is FAN. TAST.IC!!!!!) but it will keep me in touch anyway! Check it out at:


when you get a chance! It only has one post, so you may want to wait...lol! I added your link to my page...I hope that's ok?? Take care! M.

PS...I know you are SO busy, but I wouldn't mind a good ol' chat and bouncing some things off you sometime when we have a chance? M.

Vickie said...

Just knew it would be a good review! Thanks for confirming. I am going on Tuesday all by myself, my 'me day' treat. If I can't actually get sleep, I will get me some 'me time', dagnabbit.
I am looking forward to seeing this.

Vintage Tea said...

So glad you enjoyed it! I knew you would!!

Victoria xx

Mary said...

Oh, I can't wait to see it! I'm going with 2 of my sisters next week.

Rhea said...

Oh, I can't wait to go see it. You've gotten me very excited now!!

I'll have to work it in this week because the kids get out of school for the summer Thursday afternoon, and then I will have NO TIME TO MYSELF anymore. Whew