Meet Bonnie Blue (maybe)

We brought her home this afternoon and not long after we got her home the Hubster said "how about Bonnie Blue as she's a cutie with blue/green eyes?". Well right now it just seems to fit her perfectly, as Sherri commented on the other thread, you just know. So for now she's Bonnie or Bonnie Blue.

So far she is settling in fine, she hasn't drunk any water yet but has eaten 3 times, the last lot was the Hills Kitten Biscuits which she acted like she loved going by all the funny mewing noises and crunching! She also hasn't used the cat litter, which she has no experience with, but we keep putting her in it and shuffling her paws. Helpfully Cal-Jo had a tiny pee in one corner, so we have left it as she has sniffed but not hissed and she needs someone to show her!

She is a big snuggler, for the first few hours she slept first on me, then Erin my stepdaughter and then the Hubster. She likes to snuggle right into your neck or shoulder and has been purring alot. I also let her wander around the dining room where she met Cal-Jo who sat watching her at close range for 20 minutes. When Bonnie approached she hissed naturally but no aggression and she had a good sniff of her. Bonnie appears to be oblivious to her being unfriendly and just continued playing with a toy around her. The last hour she has got more confident exploring her room and a bit more vocal, which is all a good sign.

Now she is back in her room sound asleep, snuggled against a pillow. Tomorrow I take her to the vet for a checkup and her first shots. We think she's a keeper :-)

*10pm* We put some soil in her cat litter and it worked, she immediately pee'd. She now thinks I am mom and purrs whenever she see's me, so I have put a slightly warm furry hot water bottle in her bed and my t-shirt from today. Right now she is walking all over me as I type purring up a storm, the girls seem to be settling too.


Musings said...

Oh what an adorable kitty. Bonnie Blue is a lovely name. I like it.

Rhea said...

Bonnie Blue is adorable. What a cute, cute kitty!! I love the picture of her snuggling with your hubby. Awwww!!

By the way, I tagged you...hope you don't mind doing a meme.

Michelle said...

Awww... what a cutie, Sarah. I love kitties too, as you know. I don't think Sammy would get along too well with a new baby. He thinks he is the king of the house, and he's just a little spoiled by his mommy. LOL

pamokc said...

What a sweetie and such a cute name, just like the daughter of Scarlett O'Hara (you) and Rhett Butler (Gary)! hehe :) Congrats on this addition to your home!

Janet said...

What a little cutester.

willow said...

Awww...just like in Gone With the Wind! Perfect name! (although I was voting for Willow...teehee)

She's adorable. :)

Sherri said...

Sarah, what a cute kittie! Enjoy her and love her!