Handbag of the day....Barbie!

Well I think it's pretty obvious why this snazzy little bag is called Barbie! She's what I refer to as Barbie Pink, my own personal favourite shade and she is small but cute.

I've actually only owned her about 6 weeks and she was cheap but cheerful and goes with alot of my clothes. I also like the silver accents as I am either a silver or white gold jewelry girl.


Expatmum said...

My friend bought me one of those and I love it. Mine's a little bigger so with all the crap I put in, it gets far too heavy. Probably what did my shoulder in.

Vickie said...

Lordy, I'm glad I caught this at work and not at home on my laptop where Lady K could see this beauty! She would sooooo want to go shopping for her very own Barbie Purse. Pink and Barbie are her two very favorite words, I think. Oh, well, there is her other favorite....'no'....
= )