Here we go....Tornado Watch!

Well we are under a tornado watch until 10pm, no big deal generally except the NWS seems to think there is a pretty good chance of supercells developing and isolated tornadoes. We have a better chance for hail to the size of baseballs though and it is 89 degrees here and windy as heck, so the conditions are good.

I just got home from school and we have to go out tonight, so we're taking the Pickup in case of bad hail as it would be replaced if need be. And between now and when we leave I am going to put the VIP stuff in the cellar just in case. Send anti-tornado thoughts our way for us please.

**UPDATE** Ok it's definitely kicking off in our direction, even the Hubster has said we need to stay home and I am now running around moving stuff to the cellar - prayers please!

**UPDATE** It all slid south of us and apart from seeing some impressive lightening as we drove back from town, and the TV Storm Trackers in our town, we are all good :-)

However we are already under warning for the same tomorrow!


pamokc said...

all good thoughts your way. it does feel in the air today. the wind here is awful too. there was already one on the ground in colorado today too.

Brad said...

We're thinkin' about you all!

I'm guessing that there's a good possibility that should any wall clouds develop and they can get the news choppers out there fast enough, we'll be seeing live coverage of whatever's going on. So much for the Thursday line-up of TV shows!

Janet said...

Be very careful out there, you two.

Lynne said...

Get thee to the basement! Stay safe.

Michelle said...

Stay safe, the two of you. Let me know ASAP how you make out. My prayers are with you.