Handbag of the day....Petal!

Petal is another of my bargain handbags, bought from Marks & Sparks about 6 years ago for $10 in a sale. It was the rich pastel pink colour that attracted me to Petal, I have seen roses in this delicate shade of pink and always loved them, so she was irresistible.

She is a good sized bag made from a fine straw with contrasting brown accent stitching, a pink fabric interior and single pocket. Her handles are a nice soft brown leather and she fastens just with the elastic and button. So I tend to only use Petal in situations where I know I won't be in crowds, where a hand could easily reach in and take something out.

Petal is a perfect summer handbag and as I am very much a pink girl she goes with alot of things I wear :-)


Teresa said...

Petal, is gorgeous. I really like her. I did not know you were a pink girl. It is no secret, pink is my favorite color and Petal, is just about my favorite shade of pink. How pretty she is! Very nice handbag that.

Rhea said...

Petal is very pretty and pink! A good spring and summer purse. I love the color. I'm amazed at how many purses you have...and how different they all are! Do you name them the minute you buy them?

BritGal' Sarah said...

Teresa - I am basically a pink and blue in any shade girl! But hot pink and royal blue are my too faves.

Rhea, I just never get rid of any or very rarely, so they are often years old. The naming thing came about from this feature and I am loving it and now referring to them by name. So from now on they will all be named as I buy them. I actually got another new one last week :-)