Home to Holly Springs

Having read all the Mitford books by Jan Koran, I decided to try the first of the new series on Father Tim, Home to Holly Springs.

At first it was kind of different not having the regular Mitford characters populating the pages with their familiar personalities. Father Tim has received an anonymous missive directing him back to his childhood home urgently. So the story starts as he drives home with trusty Barnabus along for the ride and is just about his visit to his home town. Although there are a few references to his family back in Mitford, the book gradually introduces the family, acquaintances and hangouts of his childhood and youth.

Initially I found it harder to get into than previous Mitford books, but I think I was just missing the familiar faces. Within a few chapters Ms Koran had drawn me in and grabbed my interest with the excellent development of the new characters. It was also interesting to read about Father Tim's childhood, his parents and the people who influenced his development as a child.

I ended up thoroughly enjoying this book and will be waiting with anticipation for the next installment in this new series.


Karla said...

I'm so glad to hear of another series I must try and read. That reminds me - I need to put the 2nd Mitford book on reserve to read!

Teresa said...

I've never read any of Jan Karon's books. Probably should. The Mitford series comes up a lot... should start there I suppose. You say she drew you in and got your interest. Maybe I will give her a go.