Oh my....

I am so excited and now I have to try and sleep!

Remember when we got to meet some OKC bloggers a few weeks ago and had a wonderful time with them all. Well we planned a summer time visit out here into rural Okieland for them and tonight I heard back from the fabulous Pam and her Brit' 'hooby' John with some suggested dates :-)

They are big Formula 1 fans too and it looks likely we will have them here for the weekend of the British Grand Prix, which also just happens to be the long 4th July weekend :-)

Quite alot goes on in our little town on July 4th, including a spectacular fireworks display over the lake, so I am hoping we get this fixed up as a go-er :-)

Okay - off to bed with a big smile on my face, it's such fun meeting our blogging buddies and getting on just as well face to face :-)


Anonymous said...

That sounds like great fun! I know you four will have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy the race, and the company.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

How exciting!!!
I'm so proud for ya'll!

Hey, girly, come see me ASAP as I need your opinion on something ☺

pamokc said...

dang girl! that was fast getting this entry up! yes, it should be great fun and we are looking forward to it. it has been work/home/work/home for me for months now, so a road trip soon is definitely in order! Never been to your town and can't wait for the tour!

pamokc said...

hey, here's a question after looking at this photo again ...you don't think we're turning into one of those old married couples who look alike, do you? i might need to get more highlights or sumthin' ;)

BritGal' Sarah said...


Nah, John definitely still looks just like an English bloke and you are far more the glamourpuss ;-)