There Will Be Blood

This was a good movie, we both enjoyed it and it was interesting to learn about the early days of oil prospecting. We did feel they could have told the story in less time, it runs at almost 3 hours. But having said that neither of us were checking the clock and it kept our interest throughout. There is no dialogue at all for at least the first 10 minutes of this movie, but just the images immediately draw you into the story.

However without doubt this movie owes everything to the mesmeric performance by Daniel Day Lewis, he truly deserved his second Oscar for this performance. It is one of those moments when you forget you're watching someone acting, he is utterly believable and he holds you attention completely. Paul Dano is also very good as the young Preacher he clashes with throughout the story until the last scene.

This is not a thrilling, gripping or fast moving movie, but it is pretty engrossing and it is a masterclass in great acting.

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Lynne said...

I think this is the movie based on the book "Oil" that Kookiejar raves about.