School's almost out....

Well today is my last day of subbing for this school year and it will be spent as a secretary at a local High School. That's assuming there are no last minute calls before Friday, but I think it's unlikely.

This year I have done more substituting than ever before and I have pretty much loved every minute; well apart from the Pre-K projectile vomiting 2 weeks ago but even that had a funny side!

When I left the UK I never imagined I would end up as a Substitute Teacher over here, my background in Human Resources and Office Management has served me well though. I still think a few of my family and friends back home can't believe I love it so much, seeing as my former life rarely involved child interaction. After all I chose not to have children but I have learned that actually I do love kids, but I still prefer to be able to hand them back!

If I had my time over, I may even have gone into teaching with hindsight. Working in the schools is very rewarding and really makes you a part of the community quickly and that's great when you are an immigrant.


Expatmum said...

Yes, and we like being able to hand them over to you guys at the school gates every day!!

Janet Brett said...

When we lived in Northern California, I got a job teaching archaeology and local history to 7-14 year olds at a museum.

I knew nothing about archaeology, or the local history of the place, I just had to learn real quick.

Another drawback, was I don't really like kids. I could have cheerfully buried some of the little darlings up to their necks in our dig site. But, it was one of the most enjoyable jobs I've ever had.

Wendy said...

Yes, working in a school is fantastic (especially when you just step in and out and don't have to take home all the lesson planning and grading, etc.) and it does really make you integrated into the community. I think that is why I have missed the community back in IL so strongly. I worked in my ES's school and knew all the kids there. I loved my job (even though the pay wasn't as good as if I had taken a full-time high school English position - which is what I used to teach).