Summer's here!

It seems we have plunged right into summer here in NW Okieland! Yesterday it got to 99 degrees officially and it is forecast to be over 90 everyday this week. It feels especially hot as there isn't even much of a breeze to compensate.

Overnight the low was 63, a sure indication summer's here when even the nights are warm! Seems like perfect hammock weather, so seeing as school's over for me, that's where you'll find me today reading a good book with a cold drink in hand :-)

*Update* Spoke to soon, now subbing Thursday! LOL


Michelle said...

Enjoy the weather. We are still just barely making it into the 60's here.

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

we've been having spring/summer/autumn/winter all rolled into one, in one day..!
More rain forecast and then we're in for a heatwave, can't wait..:)