Tornado near Fort Supply Oklahoma.

This is film of the tornado that came out of the storm that crossed us Friday night and then produced this tornado 25 miles away.

It sadly destroyed three homes, two from one family and we know the owner of one of them. Luckily nobody was home except Emitt the dog and they found him uninjured. But the family from the other were trapped in their basement and had to be dug out, all okay though. The film-makers think it's "cool", I used to think that too until I moved here and have a home, family and friends I cherish!


Stevyn Colgan said...

Tornadoes? Eek. As you'll recall, we don't allow them in the UK. Mind you, we had two mini ones last year; one off the coast in Brighton and one in North London that tore a whole half a roof off!

We do drizzle well though.

Good to me you on this wet Bank Holiday Monday, Sarah. I will pop back frequently.


Brad said...

While I completely understand your sentiments, it's hard to blame the people videotaping this tornado from finding the sight "cool."

It's rare to actually be able to see a tornado in person. And when you do, it's an awesome sight that is both terrifying and mesmerizing... and frankly, "cool." I never want to see people's property or lives threatened and I cringe anytime I know someone is in jeopardy.

Tornadoes are an awesome destructive power that is rightly feared. But it's also an incredible force of nature that is an awesome sight to behold.

I feel sorry for those families whose homes were destroyed by tornadoes in the last few days. I think we could use a break from severe weather for a few days/weeks/months.

willow said...

Yes, they are frightening indeed! Good to hear that you and yours are safe and sound.

pamokc said...

i've lived here all my life and have never seen one. and i'm not one to hide in the closet unnecessarily either! we've seen some nasty clouds that accompany them, but the actual thing... nope. not even once. and i hope not to, either!

Rhea said...

I hope I never have the opportunity to see a live tornado, EVER. That I can live without ever experiencing. ICK. I have bad dreams about tornados coming after me sometimes...they veer off paths to follow ME. I know I'm stressed when I start having tornado dreams.

I'm glad everyone was ok, but so sorry about their homes. Glad the dog made it out ok. Can you imagine what he must have experienced?!

Mmm said...

Grrr...lost post I sent you.

Glad you are OK. Weird it hit two house both owned by same family! Glad they are all OK too!

Thx for your kind words on our own tornado. Good grief, the weather!