Worn down by Watches and Warnings!

This is the fourth night in a row we are having storms and are under a tornado watch. To say it's wearing thin on me would be an understatement at this point! I have had the same small emergency bag packed since Thursday and tonight has been the worst for thunderstorms so far. We are finally getting some much needed rain, but we could do without the 50+mph straight line winds and all the lightening. 12 tornadoes have touched down in Oklahoma in the past 48 hours!

If you're in the UK reading this, trust me you have no idea what a severe thunderstorm is like unless you have ever visited the US Plains! The lightening in the UK is pathetic by comparison, but the thunderstorms do not frighten me and I often go out to watch the show, it's just the tornado threat that makes me nervous.

This is the worst continuous spell of storms we have experienced since I arrived here in 2005. I am so ready for it to be over, but looking at the radar of Texas where our weather comes from usually, it's going to be another noisy night.

Already forecasting the same risks for tomorrow, deep joy!


Janet said...

I know what you mean, Sarah, it gets quite jading after a while.

When we arrived here in May 2004, we stayed in temporary accomodation
in Tulsa for a month, and a tornado passed within 3 blocks of us. That was our first encounter, and it never gets any less scary.

Today has just been one long round of thunderstorms, typical bank holiday weather. :-(

BritGal' Sarah said...

Thanks Jan, I think it's harder for a foreigner moving here, because even if you move in from another state, tornadoes are just something that could happen.

For us Brit's they are far out there and the stuff of movies!

Jan said...

The very fist night I arrived in California, I awoke early (4am) with the jet lag and all. I was having a cup of tea and reading a book, when suddenly everything started shaking. At that time I felt like hopping on the next flight back - but I'm still here. :-)

BritGal' Sarah said...

Well are you watching right now, it's looking really threatening for NW/N OKC in the next hour!

Karla Neese said...

I'm sick of it being in the middle of the night! I need all the beauty sleep I can get to look this good. LOL

Mmm said...

"The lightening in the UK is pathetic by comparison"

--How true! Thank goodness you are OK but yes, how wearying it must be! think of it this way: you are forging new bonds with your local townsfolk in way that not growing up there would have ever afforded!