7 days until the Galaxy lands at OKC

Oh and my mum too of course! ;-)

We had a chat tonight and I initially told her not to bring any last week and then said bring two a few days ago. Well tonight I just told her to bring as much as she can and partly blamed Pamokc's upcoming weekend visit as we'll have another Brit in da house, with her Hubster.

When oh when are they going to import Galaxy to the USA?!


Pawtucket, RI said...

Sarah,I found a web site where you can order Galaxy bars. It is www.britishdelights.com go to the top of the page and click on candy then on Mars. It gives a whole list of chocolates all different Galaxy bars too. Check it out.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Yeh I know of it Michelle, only problem is it's exhorbitant compared to back home and then you also have the shipping too!