Some things are the same worldwide!

One of the most fearsome beings to cross swords with in the known universe, is without any doubt a doctor's Receptionist and so far my experiences had led me to believe this was the case on both sides of the pond. And then I met Myrna my current receptionist and without doubt she is the exception to the rule.

Unlike all the others I have ever encountered, Myrna is keen to please, willingly helpful and always chatty and friendly. Up until now I secretly wondered if when you got the job they had some top secret worldwide organisation known as 'DRAMA' (Doctor Receptionists Academy of Miserable Attitudes) that they were all sent to for training. Because previously I have always been made to feel like Oliver Twist asking "Please sir, can I have some more?!"

I remember many years ago when I was really sick I had called for an appointment only to be told "what about next Friday at 10am?" - sound familiar? So following a 3rd night in a row of vomiting, drizzlings, fever and feeling like hell warmed up.....I dragged my bedraggled white carcass to the front desk when they opened in the hope of some pity. Initially I had no success and so I just burst into tears, grabbing the attention of a nurse who took pity and ushered me into a room. 'Atilla the Hun' on the front desk never even blinked and would undoubtedly of sent me home tail between my legs!

Maybe it just takes a certain type to deal with the pressures of the job, because apart from Myrna, all the others have at some point shown their true colours and had 'attitude' sooner or later. And I'm sorry but I am generally a friendly and accommodating patient, who tries not to demand instant attention unless I am really sick, because I know they're always booked.

And while we're on this issue - why are they ALWAYS booked up about a week or even more ahead?! I mean most of us do not get a weeks notice that we are about to be sick enough to require a doctor. Considering how busy all doctor's are everywhere, would it kill them to keep an hour in the morning and afternoon for same day 'sick' patients. I really doubt the doctor would end up sitting around twiddling his thumbs!

Well and if nobody was to call in, then it just means the doctor would catchup and be running on time for once in a blue moon! There have been a few times I waited 2 hours before the doctor was actually face to face with me. "Uh hello, the rest of us also have busy lives and schedules, kids or bosses waiting on our return"!

My current doctor also has this 'timing' problem, however having a cheery, friendly Myrna to chat to and him being an exceptional Dr, makes it all worthwhile. It's going to take something major to make me change to another practice and another 'DRAMA' graduate!


Veronica said...

Some of them can be downright beastly can't they? I'm lucky to have a very nice receptionist at my current doctor's office. They are a rare find those ones!

pamokc said...

haha, isn't that just the truth. either that or they are totally ignorant of anything you try to tell them. my current ones are pretty good, but i have had those past experiences. plus explaining your problem to 30 different people ...argh

Vintage Tea said...

I LOVED this post.... I find the whole process of making a dr's appointment so stressful!!!!

Victoria xx

Almost American said...

I need to switch to a new doctor. It's one thing when the receptionist is unpleasant. It's quite another when you call during office hours and don't even get to speak to a receptionist but immediately get kicked into voicemail hell!

I want to go to my kids' doctor. That office has 'sick visits' at 8:30 every morning. You're supposed to be really sick, but no appointment necessary, just turn up and wait your turn. They also have Saturday morning hours and staff on call 24/7 - usually a triage nurse, who will, if necessary, arrange for the doctor to meet you at the office. That's the way it should be!

Kay said...

Too bad.... I'm so sorry you got the receptionist from purgatory. The funny thing is, if you can get in easily to see a doctor, it could be that he/she is not a popular doctor. Ah well...