The Bachelorette

Anyone else watching out there?

Oh boy I do not envy the lovely DeAnna Pappas this impossible choice from the last three at all. I was so pleased she let Graham go, he was just not as into her and would have broken her heart yet again I think. She does seem to have an unfortunate aptitude for picking that type!

So it's down to Jesse the adorable genuine snowboarder, Jeremy the 'perfect' man with a broken heart, or Jason of the sparkly eyes and all round lovely family guy. As I watched each hometown visit I liked each one just as much as the other!

My observations right now are Jesse is being so genuine and serious about taking his time to get to know her, his parents were awesome and he is just a great fun guy. But I am not at all sure he is ready for 3 kids in the next 4 years!

Jeremy is perfect in every way and it will kill her to break his heart after he lost both his parents. But I just don't see them together forever for some reason and she didn't seem to gel quite as much with his family.

Jason is just lovely, open-hearted and cute, with the most perfectly behaved 3 yr old ever! Plus his family were wonderful and what she is very much used to and he is ready for the marriage and kids.

So she has an impossible choice between three men who all have names starting with 'J' - how scary is that going to be at the next rose ceremony! "JJJJ"

I have absolutely no clue who she's gonna pick?


Rhea said...

I was watching but have gotten behind. It's DVR'ed. I'll have to get caught up.

Chellie said...

Did you read in the paper that Twilley said he thinks it's Jessie because he got to see them without the camera editing and thought he saw real chemistry? I think Jason. Any of them are going to be hurt, I think. The whole show is a silly concept. Nevertheless, I'm hooked!

I think they are doing the best job they've ever done with us not having a clue which way she is going. That keeps it very exciting.

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

I'm watching too. I share your sentiments on Graham. In the end, I hope she picks Jeremy because of his stability and their familial bond. I think Jesse would bring her the most adventure and excitement - but Colorado and Atlanta...that would be a big change for her (not sure if she'd want to leave her family to go that far away).

pamokc said...

Girl, I just wrote up a long post and it got lost in cyberspace somehow! Will try to re-create now!

There we go again watching the same shows! Everytime a new season starts of this one, I say I won't watch it, but guess what, I always do.

How many times have we girls fallen for the likes of a Graham? Gives you just enough to hook you then shuts off emotionally so that you think it is all your fault. Goodbye and good riddance, he had his chance. Grow up, son. It isn't high school any more.

We don't particularly like Jeremy either. He's a little too ... morose? And uptight. And smooth. But he lives in Dallas, and well, I love Dallas. But really, he's just not that good looking either.

Jesse is just a good time guy. He needs to grow up some more also. Just don't think he is stable enough to keep her. He is playing it smart by going friends first before getting too romantic, but it might be a little too late.

I'm rooting for Jason the single dad. He is adorable. His family was wonderful. The boy is a total joy. She was really moved. But the distance between Seattle and Atlanta is huge. That could be a deciding factor.

I was betting Jason and Jeremy in the final, but it could be Jason and Jesse. Really, any of these three are fine and not a bad choice among them. Graham had potential but the maturity isn't there. **sigh** and I will be watching the Bachelors tell all. And the final. I'm a total sucker for this show.