The Big Countdown II

  1. I wish I had learned to ski, as I am certain I'd love it
  2. I wish I had visited Paris once before I left Europe
  3. I wish I had kept up ballet as an adult for the grace it might have given me!
  4. I wish I was less clumsy, it's rare to see me without a bruise!
  5. I wish I could find somewhere here that does Pilates, as it helped my back problems more than anything back in the UK
  6. I wish I had got to go to my grandfathers funeral
  7. I wish I wasn't afraid of heights and had done a parachute jump
  8. I wish I had been able to keep horse-riding, my knees became a problem as a teen and I had to give it up
  9. I am sorry for the way I treated two very nice boyfriends, Richard & Chris when I was 20/21, they didn't deserve it!
  10. I wish I didn't like bread as much as I do, because my weight would be alot easier to manage now!


Teresa said...

I am with you on the skiing. I've never skied and really wish I had. I just know I would really enjoy it. I was really touched by the confession and remorse about Richard and Chris. You have a sweet spirit about you, Brit sarcasm and all. :~)

Rhea said...

I've only been skiing once really. I wish I learned how at a younger age. I like bread a LOT also.

Mmm said...

Oh i can realte to number 4. I love bread too! My biggest weakness perhaps. Yes, my wife says same about Pilates and helping the back. Glad you found it.