Handbag of the day....Helen!

This little handbag is very much grown-up glamour, so she's named for a woman who epitomises that, Helen Mirren!

Helen is an evening bag from good old Accessorize yet again and I have had her at least 10 years!

She is made of silk with a fine lace overlay in a rich burgundy, a metal frame and gold and red embroidery with beads. I don't use her very often and it tends to be more in the winter when I am wearing the Fall colours. In my old life she got to go out alot more, as I was usually out somewhere partying on a Friday and Saturday night!


Mary said...

This is so pretty!

Kay said...

I really like Helen Mirren, too. Your bag is very lovely and honors Helen but for some strange reason I pictured Helen Mirren in blue. It must be some dress I saw her in or something.

Sandi McBride said...

I love Dame Helen...and I love this bag! I've added you to my blogroll because I enjoy your site so much and want to encourage others to stop in!

Teresa said...

You are right of course about, Helen Mirren. And this name sake bag Helen, is really pretty. Very elegant. This handbag has aged very nicely just like, Helen Mirren. I hope you get to use it often this coming fall~winter.

Rhea said...

Gorgeous bag! I love those colors combined. What a beautiful bag!

willow said...

Helen Mirren is THE best!!! One of my top faves. Yes, your handbad is so Helen.