'Good Luck Chuck'

Be warned - this movie is rude, crude, nude (alot of topless women) but also laugh out loud funny at times! It was a surprise as we really didn't know anything about it and we were entertained, despite the slightly ludicrous storyline.

Jessica Alba lends it a modicum of mainstream appeal as the desperately clumsy Penguin keeper. Dane Cook is very funny playing the man who is every womans desire, as all his ex-girlfriends end up married to the next man they date! It's basically a romantic comedy done 'a la American Pie' with some slapstick and alot of sexuality thrown in.

If you loved '40 Year Old Virgin' or the 'American Pie' series, then you'll find this funny. If they aren't your scene then avoid at all costs, as you'll probably be shocked. Not the greatest movie ever, but also not that bad if you can live with the 'in your face' adult humour.

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Rhea said...

That sounds hilarious, a nice light romantic comedy, perfect! Thanks for the recommendation.