The big countdown!

Well I am clambering onto the number 42 bus on Tuesday and in honour of another year passing this particular Brit'Gal by, I have decided to reflect on the past 41 years!

So for the next 4 days I will post 10 things I don't necessarily regret (although some I might) but what I'd have done differently. Or they will be things I wish someone older and wiser had told me sooner! Some of you might think "that's a bit of a negative thing to do!", but actually I think it's the reverse and will really make me reflect on my life and appreciate what I have achieved.

On Tuesday I will post the 2 things I love the most about how my life has turned out, that will give me a few days to decide exactly what they are!

So here are my first 10 of 40 things I would want to know younger or do differently:

  1. I would have done less talking and more studying in school and gone onto University/College
  2. I would have got into exercise whilst I was still young and stuck with it
  3. I would never have used a tanning bed or got sunburned
  4. I wish one of the older women I knew had told me to be prepared for the sudden onset of facial hair from my mid-thirties onwards and 'witches' hairs especially! (Take note: warn a young woman you love TODAY!)
  5. I would have pursued a career as an Attorney and Barrister - first choice!
  6. Or I would have trained as a Journalist - second choice
  7. I would have learned to meditate sooner and control stress
  8. I would never have drunk a 'Pop/Soda' in my life
  9. I wish I had volunteered at an animal shelter at some point, but I still believe it would have been too hard as I get very attached to animals
  10. I wish I had paid attention to the very good friends who warned me how dang bad a bikini wax can be, and I had drunk the large shot of vodka they strongly advised beforehand!

Another ten tomorrow. I guess it's a good thing that it's actually proving quite difficult to think of too many things!


Little Miss Moi said...

number one struck home for me because I'm supposed to be doing Russian homework right now, not looking at blogs. I was always a chatter at uni.

Brad said...

Great list! I look forward to the next 30.

I, too, wish I could have known then what I know now, but I still have few regrets, like you.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

You are so funny! Some of those I was nodding to. Never had a bikini wax. I did go to college and study journalism. I almost went to law school later. A divorce got in the way.~~Dee

Teresa said...

Sarah, I think looking back on one's past is negative only when the person dwells on it and allows it to steal their joy or happiness now. You are reflecting. Big difference. Reflecting is about appreciation, finding the good and using wisdom to re~do, correct, or do differently those things in the future that you did not like the outcome from the past. What a great thing to do.

Just from what I know of you, you would have made a fine Barrister. Perhaps you could view your blog as your journalism. Certainly, my world and views have been expanding by this blog.

Rhea said...

Fun list! I agree with a lot of em. Witch's hair? Dare I ask what the heck that is?

pamokc said...

Girl, this is too funny. And like the saying goes, if you don't have any regrets, then you aren't doing it right! hehe. i think i could have been an attorney also. certainly spent lots of years in a law office doing their work for them!

Brown English Muffin said...

These are good pearls of wisdom...I wish someone had given me their top 10 each day a few years ago myself...like even if you breast feed the weight will come back unless you exercise to keep it off!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Dee - just that once was enough for me on the bikini waxing! Wow you studied journalism and the law!

Teresa - thank you, I'm glad someone is getting something from all my ramblings!

Rhea - 'witches hair' = a long curly coarse one somewhere in your chin area ;-)

fishwithoutbicycle said...

An upcoming birthday on the 17th??? A fellow Brit and a fellow Gemini?? I had my 37th last Tues :-) Have a good one!!

Sandi McBride said...

I'm laughing my ass off...opps excuse me, I'm lmao...and rotf...I love all the ten things except one...you can still volunteer at the Shelter!

Katrina Chambers said...

Very funny, I loved the witches hair!