Handbag of the day....Miranda

Named for Miranda from SATC, as this is a very businesslike handbag! I inherited Miranda from my grandmother, this was a favourite of hers and I also really like the classic design.

Miranda is a chestnut coloured leather in an alligator pattern and she has a long strap as well as the handle. Inside she is taupe suede feel finish, with an interior pocket and gold accents on the outside.

She is a bag I have used extensively for work and attending meetings in the past, but now she gets to go out more in the Fall and Winter. Everytime I use her I think of my Gran :-)


Sherri said...

Sarah, what a lovely way to remember your Grandmother. I have a "Floating" opal necklace of my Grandmothers and a vase and every time I wherethe necklace or put flowers in the vase I always reminisce about her and the fun we had together!!

Vintage Tea said...

That's a lovely bag and so nice that it belonged to your grandmother and have such an enjoyable way to think of her.

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous handbag! I love the style, color and skin, a perfect heirloom!