Bonnie B' made a friend & playmate in Cal-Jo!


Sherri said...

Thanks for sharing your kittie pics-they are cute!

Roland Hulme said...

Oh my God, that was so sweet I think I just went into diabetic shock.

SKELLER said...

Awwwwww. I could watch kittens (or puppies!) play ALL. DAY. LONG. So adorable :-)

Daryl said...

Oh .. so cute (voice in my head goes: Oh so destructive) ... we're putting off getting a new sofa because only Rosie uses the scratching post ... sigh


BritGal' Sarah said...

Well not for long Daryl, the other 2 who were both adopted by us older have no front claws. So although I hate to do it, she has to be declawed on the front around labour day to protect the other 2.

I do have a lovely vet though and she is going to give me painkillers for her.

pamokc said...

i love this pic of her hanging from the sofa! And glad Cal-Jo is adapting to the adoption! I know that can go either way!

When we got Sally, MG said "YIPPEE! You got ME a KITTEN!" And he hasn't left her alone since.

Janet said...

Sarah, before you have Bonnie declawed read this:


Vets may call it declawing but it is actually amputation, and there are alternatives.

One of our adopted cats has been declawed, not our doing, the other two haven't. It is not an option I would ever choose. Please don't do it.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Jan, trust me I don't want to do it and I have already read this piece doing research on it myself.

But our cats are 90% indoor cats, the other 2 have no defences against her claws and if she keeps them she is likely to go over the fence when she is out and get run over on the highway right by us. What's worse - probable death hit by a car, our other cats getting infected injuries from her or a few days of discomfort.

I discussed it with my vet at length, she knows us and our cats and said you have no choice. Because she knows she can rely on us to give pain meds at the time, she is going to do the spaying and declawing in one hit. This will mean one less anaesthetic and only one trauma to deal with not two.

We will only get the front ones done and I can honestly say our other 2 cats have no personality issues from trauma, or fear of you touching their paws, so they survived it ok.

I know you are in a different situation with a much bigger area for them to roam around you and I imagine your cats are not indoors 90% of the time.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Btw I mean't to add we tried the soft claws on Cal-Jo the one time she went over the fence and they don't work!

Chellie said...

Great pics. They made me chuckle. That's a nice way to start off my morning!

Janet said...

Sarah, you are English. In England we don't have indoor cats, and declawing is illegal because it is considered inhumane. Read this on the BBC:


I didn't realise that you lived so near a busy road, as you give the impression you are out in the sticks. But even so, most people in England who have cats also have traffic to contend with wherever they live, but how many keep their cats indoors all the time?

Also Bonnie is unlikely to hurt your other cats. Two of my cats have claws, Wilson doesn't, and the other 2 have never hurt him.

And of course your vet recommends declawing, she is thinking of the bottom line.

I'm sorry to go on at you, Sarah, but this is an issue I feel very strongly about.

Hubster said...

Janet, while we do appreciate your concerns about declawing, it is ultimately ours and our vets decision to make and we know that this is the option for us and our situation. We respect your strong feelings about this subject and ask that you also respect our decision. It wasn't made without considering all alternatives.

Janet said...

While I make no apologies for my views, I do apologise if I have caused you any offense, Sarah.

I have always been outspoken about issues that concern me, and sometimes I don't know when to keep my big trap shut and leave well alone.

Obviously nothing I have said has caused you to change your mind, but I had to try. I hope there are no hard feelings.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Jan of course there are no hard feelings at all. I also make my feelings known when I feel strongly about something and would try to persuade as well. I also respect your opinions.

The Hubster and I love our cats very much, they're our babies and neither of us 'want' to do this. But if you could see the way all 3 of them are wildly playing and the way she is attacking all our furniture, something is going to get injured!

When I say we are out in the sticks, we are from the point of view of big towns etc. But the main highway through this area to the panhandle is just 200ft from our home and we'd be devastated if any of my cats got over the 6ft fence and run over.