Brit' Word of the Day....

Today's BWOTD came in to being because of a hugely popular Brit' TV show called 'Only Fools and Horses':

"Oh that's luvverly jubberley"

'Luvverley jubberley' = all is well/great

This was the catchphrase of a leading character in the show and within a few years it became a common phrase in daily use nationally.

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Michelle said...

I LOVEDDDDDDDDDD reading this tonight...LOL! Brought back great memories and will have to watch OFAH again soon now! I just got SO addicted to this show and once I had seen all of them and all of the specials, I was SOOO bummed and wanted more more MORE! lovely jubbly in't it?? ;) M.

PS...Corey often falls asleep watching it on his portable DVD player..hehe!