Handbag of the day....Cal-Jo!

Just guarding your handbags from pamokc mum! ;-)


pamokc said...

awww, Cal-Jo! And I thought you and me was gettin' along just fine! It's a great place to sleep though, among all that beauty!

Rhea said...

Cal-Jo is a truly loyal guard-kitty!! hehe

Pamokc, don't get between Sarah and her handbags. hehe

BritGal' Sarah said...

LOL Pam we found her there after you left and I could not resist! She has never been there before as far as we know, it was just so funny ;-) Cats!!

Daryl said...

Oh sweet ... they do love to get into places and snuggle down dont they ..


Anonymous said...

This is too cute!
I think I need a guard too!