Fun Weekend

We had a fun weekend with pamokc and her lovely Brit' hubby. Apart from all the 4th July fun and fireworks at the lake on Friday, we also visited a local Windmill Museum and ate out on Saturday. Although finding a restaurant that was open out here this weekend proved to be more of a challenge than we had anticipated. However happily we managed not to starve all weekend, in fact gourmet eating and drinking were very much on the menu!

Windmills have been donated from all over the USA to this little museum and they also have an authentic Sod House, all set out as it would have been inside. Here's my mum emerging from the relative cool of the interior. It has been raging heat here all weekend and we have made it well over 100 degrees everyday!

The little prairie house shown above is also on the site and is furnished as it would have been originally and home to the little baby Barn Swallows.

Last night we were all pretty weary from the late night Friday and high heat, so we 'vegged' out in front of the TV with 'I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry', probably the funniest film the Hubster and I have seen in a few years.

Today was the Formula One British Grand Prix and one of the main reasons we got together this weekend. It was a great race, with rain and alot of drama but it ended our weekend perfectly with a win for our Brit' Wonder Boy - Lewis Hamilton :-)

It's great when you make new internet friends and even better when you discover you get on so well, you can live with them for a few days comfortably. The last time that happened to me I married him!


Teresa said...

It sounds like this first week with your mom there has been so good. Pam, and John, are quite an accent too. Family and friends are so very important. Glad you are enjoying those blessings.

Now, for the crucial question here... Were you sporting a carnation pink top and blue denim bottoms as well?

Rhea said...

Awesome sod house and windmill museum! What a fun place to visit, and I'm so glad you got along so well with your bloggy friends. :o)

Love your mom's cowboy hat! Hope she's having a great time, despite the heat.

pamokc said...

haha - teresa spotted that i was dressed just like your mum. we had even commented on it between the two of us! tooo funny!

BritGal' Sarah said...

You know I never even noticed! LOL Mrs Observant here!

pamokc said...

Okay you two, I was able to show a print-out of that yearbook page you sent me to the person in question and he just laughed. Also described how none of the girls in that year were very cute so they started a collection of ugly girl photos. He doesn't remember the breaking of the brother's arm though! Small Small world! But I think no one should have their seventh grade school photo held against them!