Normal Service has been resumed....

Well mum made it home safely, minus one suitcase, which typically was the one with all her clothes in it but BA has assured her it's on it's way! Here's a piccie of her and the hubster as we headed to OKC.

It was sooo hot here on Saturday, the highest we registered was 106 degrees, which made it a very tiring day. My mum managed a quick 'smash and grab' shopping trip in OKC, at one point buying 7 items of clothing in less than 10 minutes from one store! Trust me this is nothing short of a miracle, as I am the one known for superhuman feats of shopping decisiveness and not my mum, who likes to ponder things a little more.

We waved her off around 12:45pm and then headed off to visit Pamokc and her Brit' hubby John in their lovely home, with the England flag out to welcome us. I got to wave at the infamous Sally and MG, who are a little unsure of strangers and John grilled us some delicious burgers for a very relaxing lunch away from the crowds.

We had a lovely relaxing time with them, including a tour of the southside of the city and as always lots of chat. Keeping up a conversation is just not a problem well we all get together and I am so happy Pam and I met via our blogs, as we seem to have made good friends for life.

Then we wended our way back into the steaming metropolis and got all our shopping done, before finally heading home as the sun set over the west.

Today we have vegged out basically, watched a couple of movies (reviews will follow) and picked up a few groceries and some chinese. The hubster needed to load up on chinese as the summer recess from Weightwatchers is about to be over and it may be awhile now before he see's the inside of the China Dragon again!

We had a really nice time with my mum, there were a few moments of family stress, but then what family doesn't have those over a month. She loved the weather here, even the hot days as the humidity is so low and the relaxed laidback lifestyle. I enjoyed getting to catch up and spend quality time together and coming home to a clean tidy house! She left much less stressed and rested than when she arrived, which after all is the whole point of a vacation.

So from tomorrow I will be back with BWOTD's, handbags, movie reviews, Okie news and US observations.....basically normal service


Sherri said...

Sarah, so glad you Mum made it home fine. Sorry about her one bag missing-hopefully BA is telling the truth about it being there soon! I'm sure you will miss your Mum but then you also need your private time with your hubby! Relax now and enjoy the rest of your summer before you start work again!

pamokc said...

:) It was great seeing you guys and will have to do it again next time you are in town. And I'm thinking the crocs do nothing for my legs ;) hehe

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Sherri - that would be Friday officially for work!LOL

Pam - Too true on the crocs, I have noticed the same. It seems crocs are for comfort and heels are for legs!

Janet said...

I'm glad your mum enjoyed her visit. And it's nice that you got to spend time with Pam and John.

Enjoy your few days chilling before getting back to the grindstone.

Linda said...

So glad your mum arrived back home safely!

willow said...

Your mom is beautiful! And she looks great in her new stylish jeans! :)