108.4 degrees and melting

Yep that was 'our' official high, taken in the shade on the patio by our temperature guage at about 4:30pm yesterday!! And this is just July, who knows what we might hit in August which can be even hotter traditionally.

I spoke to my dad yesterday and he asked me if we'd had any storms or tornado's recently. It's getting to the point where I wish I could answer 'yes' at least to the storms, as it would cool us down somewhat!

My mum has actually commented this week about missing the air-con everywhere like it is here. It's been pretty warm back in the UK and the only place she has air-con is the car, so she's missed our nice cool home.

A predicted high of 104 today, so after church, it'll be another day for being indoors me thinks!


Daryl said...

Its a delightful 69 here .. after several days of 90s with intense humidity we had a major rainstorm which not only cleared out the humidity but washed down the streets .. much needed in a city of this size

Stay in .. stay cool


pamokc said...

I think we could make a fortune selling portable a/c's in the UK. How about we start a business? But then again, I've never seen happier people anywhere than when a Brit is in warm sunshine. Mad dogs, etc.