Emergency dash to vet...

Little Bonnie is not well :-(

We don't know what's wrong but we noticed last night she was sleeping alot and very lethargic, and thinking back she was like that from around noon yesterday. It's very noticeable when a little kitten stops being right and running everywhere.

We took her temperature (rectally!) awhile ago and it was 104.5 and she is not showing any interest in food or water. I have got her to drink drops of milk off my finger which is something at least.

When she jumps down she also seems to land almost on her face and just seems a bit wobbly. I called the vet and with that fever and her symptoms we have to take her into the animal hospital for 11:45am....

Say a little prayer for our baby kitty please and I will report back later.

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pamokc said...

Oh no! Poor Bonnie. Prayers prayers prayers all around. Keep us posted. Maybe it is just the heat.