Phew that was a nerve jangler Michael! Even we were shouting at the TV and as for your poor Mom, not sure she can take another like that.

And finally I found the answer to something I am sure others have wondered?! What is he listening to on his iPod right up until he gets on the blocks....find out here.

Now we are staying up to see a satellite link up between Michael and Mark Spitz.

A great night for the Brit's too, with Rebecca Adlington winning her second gold in the 800m freestyle and breaking the 19yr standing World Record too.


pamokc said...

OMG was that not amazing! We were over at my sister's watching it and we all thought the other guy had it. The poor mum! And yay to the British girl for an amazing race also!

Mmm said...

An amazing race indeed. It looked like he lost but the electronics say otherwise.

Rebecca sure looks British doesn't she?! Good to see at least a few things Britain has done well in!

What I don't get is why they show
"GBR" on the screen and say Great Britain, when in fact it's United Kingdom, UK, that is here in the Olympics. Yes, there are, of course, Olympic athletes from Northern Ireland too, under the same flag.