Superman spotted!

What is there to say about Michael Phelps amazing achievements in Beijing. All I will say is he is making me proud, even as an American elect!

What a truly incredible athlete and did you see the fascinating information on his genetic & physical attributes that make him so suited to swimming?


Sandi McBride said...

He's a Humdinger, lol, as my Mom would have said...my Godson is so like him that I've been picking on him for days now, asking why he didn't put that hyperactivity into swimming instead of trouble, lol...
American Elect...I love it! Anglophile me, welcomes American Elect, you!

Janet said...

What a wingspan the guy has!

And don't you just HATE somebody who can eat 12,000 calories/day and stay so skinny? He DOES expend a little bit of energy, though...!



Daryl said...

I was fascinated when they explained how his feet bend the way they do ... and I was surprised this was considered 'odd' since my left foot does the same thing ... mine is due to having sprained the ankle so often I stretched the ligaments to the point where I can bend my foot so its like Mr Phelps! ... TMI?


Katrina Chambers said...

I am wondering where I could get to see that story about him? Do you know? Would be fascinating.

Rhea said...

I did see that thing about Michael Phelp's physical stuff, double-jointed and body length, wingspan, etc. He's amazing.