48 hours and counting!

Well I am now on the slippery slide down to the kids returning to school on Thursday morning.

We have been In-Service since Friday and it seems like the parents are also aware of this, as the phone has been ringing ALOT more! This morning I have First Aid and Safety training, then an afternoon of data entry from enrollment forms.

Just Thursday we had to finally split another grade and employ a teacher who started yesterday. This resulted in more unexpected room moving and some work at my end updating schedules and duties that had to be assigned again.

I also have a lovely new phone and accompanying all singing and dancing system that is also the intercom to all the rooms. My phone has 90 (yes you read that right) extension buttons on the console, in addition to all the numeric buttons! I am hoping to get the labelling for them by Wednesday night, or chaos may ensue Thursday morning LOL! My colleague at the High School and I are being trained on our phones together on Wednesday, just in the nick of time.

Last Thursday when the system first changed, I lost 3 calls in a row, as on the old system you picked up the handset and pressed a button. But on this you just pick up the handset and speak. In my defence it had been a 10-hour day and I was tired, but when the teacher I had kept cutting off finally got through (I had realised my mistake by then) she said "thought I ought to let you know there's a problem with the new phone system". My reply "no actually that would be a problem with the operator!" and we both had a good giggle.

I am actually feel pretty comfortable that my boss and I have all our bases covered, but the next 2 days are likely to be 10-hour days just like yesterday.

Still I am loving my job, the people and being stretched and using the old grey matter once again.

Bring on the little people....


Mary said...

Here's to a great start to the school year, Sarah!

Rob said...

Oh boy, it's gonna be a busy old time for you over the next 72 hours, but you sound in control and have the right attitude.
Best of luck!

Daryl said...

It sounds to me as if you have landed the perfect job. But I wonder, do you miss working with the kids?


Amanda said...

I think that sounds like my perfect job - kids around but not having to teach them; adults around, but not on your back all day long; enough challenge to keep the brain cells whizzing, but not so much responsibility and accountability as actually teaching. Have a great time.

Gill - That British Woman said...

school doesn't start up here until September......hope it goes okay.


Expatmum said...

God I forgot that y'all down south start back so early. I'd kill myself if we had to go back already. Anyway, sounds like you're having fun. We'll reserve judgement till we hear how many noses you've wiped, "accidents" youve cleaned up etc. come October!!!

Sandi McBride said...

You sound so wonderfully happy and I am so glad the job is working out for you...hugs my friend

Janet said...

The fun is just beginning! I just know this is the perfect job for you.