Brit' Word of the Day....

Today's BWOTD is a very common London term:

"Alright guv'nor, I'll get it done quickly"

'Guv'nor or Guv' = the boss

If you ever visit London and take a ride in a traditional black taxi cab, you might be called this by the driver. They are especially fond of this cockney term. It is also used alot in Guy Ritchie gangster movies set in London!

I can't see myself using this alot with my new boss Kas', you can see her on my guestbook down the bottom. She's just too blonde and feminine for me to refer to as the Guv'! However I might for fun one day, just to see her face LOL!


pamokc said...

We have a funny guv'na story, remind me to tell you sometime! John's Aussie friend calls him Guv'na too.

Fun on the school starting up -- you're gonna have your hands full! Keep us posted on how it goes.

Mmm said...

Oh do use that one your new boss. That would be so funny! i love to say "oi" to my workmates. It gets their attention every time!