The bar's been set sky-high London!

Did you watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony from Beijing? WOW!

I may not agree with China's human rights record to date and I think they may have been given the Olympics too soon, but that was without doubt the best Opening Ceremony ever.

The sheer scale and precision of it was awe-inspiring in every way. I loved that it centred around the human involvement and the technology was used just as a highlight to the performers skills.

Over 15,000 chinese performed in it with amazing coordination, precision and dexterity. I also thought the way it acknowledged China's desire to change it's world image was very well done.

The 2008 drummers who opened the ceremony had immaculate timing, the costumes were stunning and the music a perfect compliment. What would usually have been spectacular fireworks were just a mere sideshow to centre stage - and what a stadium!

For me it showed the human face of this formidable nation. To see the smiling faces of chinese children and people made me realise we are all just humans with the same desires, concerns and wishes. The spinning globe sequence near the end with the acrobats running around it and then Sarah Brightman (how did she get this gig!?) atop singing, was beautiful.

I have to say I don't think London in 2012 has a hope of beating or even equaling this stunning ceremony, I just hope they at least do us proud or as proud as the Chinese did themselves today.

I think this will be an interesting 2 weeks in China and maybe it will be the turning point for this huge nation in the way the rest of the world views it. Having seen the faces of hope in that stadium tonight amongst the performers, I for one am hoping this proves to be the case for the sake of the people.


Lady Em said...

That is so funny!! I guess you were glued to the tube like I was!! I was amazed, and you are right it did give a human face to China, one that I don't think we have ever seen before. The next 16 days will be interesting to watch.
Oh don't worry, London has it's own style, and it's own way of doing things, I'm sure it will be just as good as Bejing. My honey and I are already talking about going to London for the Olympics. I visited once and fell in LOVE with all of Great Britian!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Thank you for popping in Em.

We are lucky as my mum lives just a 30 minutes train ride from London, so we are defo going home for 2012 as we have free board and lodging with easy travelling thrown in!

Mary said...

Sarah, you are totally right about the bar being set at a new height! The Opening Ceremony was visually amazing - just incredible! I'm so happy I watched.

Mary said...

Forgot to mention that we watched in HD and I said to my husband (who had to talk me into the new tv) "THIS is why we have HD!" It truly made a big difference.

Amanda said...

All being well, London won't try to top the Beijing Opening Ceremony, but do it's own thing. With the creative talent we have here I have no worries that it will be anything other than spectacular. I keep haunting the website so that we can buy tickets as soon as they appear.

Mare said...

I agree about the opening ceremonies...unbelievable!!
And thanks for the laugh - When I was reading Kay's entry and comments, your CNN reference made me laugh outloud!!

Bonnie said...

I agree with your comments..the opening ceremony was a visual feast and truly amazing! I was glued to the TV. I wish we had HD TV like Mary though. I've been trying to convince my DH we NEED a new TV. We really do, I'm embaressed to say how old our TV is!!

Kay said...

Even though I did have to crane my neck upwards to our HD TV on the wall, we enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies a lot. It absolutely blew us away! We knew it was going to be good but not this over the top. Good gosh! We're still amazed by it all. My favorite part was seeing Yao Ming with that adodrable little boy, though.

Janet said...

I completely agree with your comments, Sarah. I'm usually not so big on opening ceremonies, but Beijing's was just spectacular.

I figure that those organizing the opening ceremonies for London 2012 must have been saying "Holy Sh*t!" as they watched last Friday!


Kris said...

I was so very impressed with the opening ceremony in China. I'm so excited about living in England for the 2012 Olympics (as I think we'll still be here). I was living in Salt Lake City for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Such a cool experience to be a part of that!

Mmm said...

I can't wait for London's. It's going to be the best ever and we won't cheat and employ CGI for half of the televised fireworks!!

I would do almost anything to get to go to London's opening and closing ceremonies! Wow. All the history to choose from--what will be focused on?