It's finally arrived way out here!

As you know I am at least 100 miles from what most of you call civilisation - a Mall! So no big surprise then it's taken 3 weeks since the release for Mamma Mia to finally make it to our local cinema. The poor hubster has been praying for it I think, having been hounded by me every Friday to find out if it's on yet.

So it's a date night for us tomorrow, dinner somewhere nice followed by THE movie of the summer and possibly some public embarressment! Because one thing I know for sure is I won't still still and silent through this movie, having been up singing and dancing when I saw it in the West End in London. Thankfully I know a couple of colleagues and friends who plan on going tomorrow too and may well join me in a sing-a-long!

Expect the review Sunday, although we already know what I'm gonna say right ;-)

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Vintage Tea said...

I'm so pleased you're finally getting to see Mamma Mia, can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Victoria x