Good day Tuesday

The vet tells me although Bonnie still had a slight fever this morning, she is doing really well and has been very active ( I took her fave toy in when I visited). All being well if her fever has gone tomorrow, then I will be able to bring her home late afternoon.

Sukie and Cal-Jo have definitely shown signs of missing Bonnie tonight. Cal-Jo sat outside her room and meowed to be let in and they both went in to explore, Cal-Jo chatting the whole time bless her. I tried to comfort them and told them she may be back tomorrow, but I can tell they are wondering where she went or what WE did with her!?

Pre-enrollment was a BIG success and I think we probably got about 80% attendance at least and quite a few new students showed up too. It will be especially helpful to me having all these forms in already, as I can now get them processed and filed away before school starts.

Tomorrow afternoon I am attending a video conferencing training course (a first for me) with a colleague at our local vo-tech. It is about taking the lunch count and how to do it optimally, reduced meals, dealing with the paperwork and audits.

On Friday we start In-Service with a day of faculty meetings and training - it's just all go this week and I am loving it.

We hit 106 degrees again today, but this evening the cold-front has pushed through and we are now at 89 degrees at 10:15pm. The high for tomorrow is predicted to be 97 and below 100 for the first time in over a week!


Teresa said...

About 80%, that is great. Someone got the word out properly. The temperatures are not suppose to go over 97° all next week! Also great! But, the really good news is that Bonnie, is coming along so well. It sounds like you really will bring her home tomorrow. I love the way Sukie, and Cal-Jo show signs of missing her. That is sweet.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Bonnie's getting better.
So happy to hear the good news, and I'm sure she'll be home soon and you can all stop missing her.

pamokc said...

You know it has been bad when 100 sounds cool. It also sounds like you are immensely enjoying your new job too! So glad Bonnie is better, I can just picture the other two wondering about her. Cheers for now!

Daryl said...

YES ... soo good to know the little cutie is going to be coming home soon!


willow said...

Glad to hear Bonnie's getting better! :)

Rhea said...

Thank goodness for cooler weather, early enrollment and Bonnie doing better! I came over just to check on her. :o)