Pre-Enrollment Day has dawned...

Today is Pre-Enrollment Day at the school and a day my boss and I have been hard at work preparing for the past 2 weeks.

The last 2 work days have been a little nuts as a result, but now all we need are the parents and kids to show up later. This is something new we are doing this year, as the school used to have pre-enrollment for all students but stopped it a few years ago.

This year our new principal decided to bring it back and we are all sure it will be a big help when the first day of school arrives. Instead of having to send home and then retrieve numerous forms that require filling out and signing, this way we will get alot of them in and I will then have time to input them before school starts. In the past the teachers have in some cases been chasing these important forms into late Autumn!

Obviously we won't get everyone there today, but even if we got 50% of the students it will be effective. It also gives us a more accurate picture of which students are returning, starting, or have left.

Yesterday the school was a hive of activity as the countdown is now on to D-Day next Thursday. Many of the teachers are back getting their rooms in order, the new heat/air-con' system is fully operational much to everyones relief in the current temperatures, and the new phone/intercom system is being installed.

Busy days ahead but they continue to be enjoyable.


Dianne said...

I came to return your visit - as I always do - and love it here!

Happy Pre-Enrollment Day!

I hope the heat breaks and I hope Bonnie is doing better, wow she's cute.

I have two rescued cats.

Oh and BWOTD! I'm gonna love that! I used to work for a company and the head office was in London so I spent a lot of time there and now miss going and miss my co-workers.

pamokc said...

Sounds like you have hit the ground running! Good luck because I think the job really started today with all the enrollment! Give us an update on Bonnie when you can. And candy floss ... mmmm state fair coming up ....

Sandi McBride said...

I can nearly hear it in hear it in your mind...the busier the better! Getting ready for school to start has to be the best...of course I loved school, many may not feel that way...plying catch up...back later

Vickie said...

Lady K's pre-enrollment was in March. It is a wonderful idea to get this going and have the kids ready.
Lady K is very excited to be starting 'big girl school' on 19 Aug. Open house on 18 Aug.

Daryl said...

How is Bonnie?

Sounds like you are enjoying yourself!


Katrina Chambers said...

Hope you are having an enjoyable busy time and things are a great success for you. Glad to hear your wittle kitty is feeling better!