How shocked are we?

Absolutely rigid that these two have split up in less than six months.

It turns out the first Brit' Bachelor Matt, was cheated on by the 'oh so classy and highly intelligent' Shayne Lamas. We of course, were entirely convinced from the start by Shayne's protestations of lurve!

Guess you should have listened to her dad Matt. Lorenzo may not have set the acting world alight, but he can obviously read his daughter better than he can a good script!

Just in case you missed it, this piece is dripping with good old Brit' sarcasm (irony) ;-)


pamokc said...

Oh wow! I didn't hear this one! Did you see that Lorenzo is starring on Season Two of "Gone Country"? Like he is going to reinvent himself as a country singer? I don't THINK so! Re Matt & Shayne ... well I think old Mattie had designs on becoming famous in the US anyway, so he may be on to bigger/better things. Six months is probably a long time in The Bachelor field anyway.

BUT HEY, how is it going for The Bachelorette? Has anyone heard about her?

Rhea said...

I thought Matt was so super sexy. He was my favorite bachelor by far.